Social Media Marketing

Social media is nowadays part of everyone’s life. If you really want to be visible online, you cannot underestimate its role in modern society.

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Increase website traffic, sales and conversions with social media advertising

Advertising on social media is one of the best ways to reach new customers. A properly prepared campaign can help increase brand awareness, increase the number of potential customers and, as a result, increase sales. Read our article about the benefits of working with a marketing agency and arrange a no-obligation consultation today!

Brand recognition

Increase your brand recognition and build your reputation. Thanks to this, you will increase your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and increase the likelihood that the customer will buy from you.

Increase in sales

At Almao, we focus on choosing the right strategy and creating engaging ads. You can count on increased interest in your products or services. Thanks to this, your sales will also increase.


Stay in touch with customers who have already visited your social media page. Use remarketing to reach back to customers who have expressed interest in your products or services.

Services Small online store Medium online store Big online store Individual
Monthly advertising budget 10 000 Kč,- Up to 30 000 Kč,- Up to 60 000 Kč,- Over 60 000 Kč,-
Facebook & Instagram account setup fee 0 Kč,- 0 Kč,- 0 Kč,- 5 000 Kč,-
Platforms: Facebook & Instagram N N N N
Proposal of the initial strategy of the campaign N N N N
Advanced ad targeting on social networks N N N N
Additional social networks: (LinkedIn, Pinterest ..) 2 500 Kč,- 2 500 Kč,- 2 500 Kč,- 2 500 Kč,-
Ad creation and optimization N N N N
Remarketing configuration N N N N
Conversion goal tracking settings N N N N
Personalized bidding strategy N N N N
Precise geographic targeting N N N N
Performance analysis N N N N
Account manager for your project N N N N
Video ads N N N N
Regular consultations 1x monthly 2x monthly 4x monthly individual
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Video production

Price according to requirements

Photos, banners and graphic design

Price according to requirements

Why advertising on social media is important?

To achieve your business goals, this type of advertising is considered one of the most effective. There are almost 2 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, each of these spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on their profile. Advertising on social media is also financially profitable. Let’s take an example: CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranges from 125 to 250 CZK. This means that you can reach over 1,000 potential customers for less than CZK 250.

Thanks to the appropriate configuration of advertising on social media, you can develop your business in a predictable and measurable way. The big advantage is the ability to measure success in real time. For this reason, this type of advertising is the basis of success for those who want to grow quickly, regardless of the type of business – B2B, eCommerce or B2C.

Why Almao

Advertising on social media will not produce the desired results if you think in terms of “set it and forget it”. Advertising on social media is a dynamic, constantly developing advertising space. If you want to get the most out of your advertising, you need to grow with it.

At the Almao Advertising Agency, we monitor our clients’ social media campaigns on a daily basis and constantly optimize them in order to obtain the greatest possible return at the lowest possible cost.

To start realizing the potential of social media advertising, contact us today!

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